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Today, New York City continues to persevere with recovery efforts from one of the worst natural disasters to strike in its history. New Yorkers' response—pitching in to assist neighbors in their time of need—exemplifies their resilience, determination and collective commitment to rebuilding a strong community. This November marks the 110th anniversary of the establishment of Greenwich House as a neighborhood center in Greenwich Village. When Mary K. Simkhovitch opened the doors that Thanksgiving morning in 1902, could she have known then the impact her efforts would have for generations to come?

In more than a century of service to New York City, Greenwich House has remained on the forefront of social issues, addressing critical community needs with a fortitude that has weathered more than just natural disasters—wars; civil, industrial and technological revolutions; the AIDS epidemic; terrorist attacks. Greenwich House remains the center upon which so many rely every day, whether a senior in need of a hot meal, a child in need of a safe and nurturing haven or neighbors looking for emotional support or a place to explore the arts. Greenwich House has been there through it all. The future has never been certain, and surely Ms. Simkhovitch could not have foreseen how her fledgling settlement house would evolve with an ever-changing city. Whatever changes lie in store for the city, Greenwich House’s commitment to New York remains as steadfast as Ms.Simkhovitch's when she first opened its doors.

We want to thank all those who have helped Greenwich House remain a crucial thread in the fabric of New York's rich history. The next 110 years will undoubtedly bring astonishing changes; the city will continue to evolve and New Yorkers will continue to embrace challenges and changes with grace. At Greenwich House, we are honored to take our place in nurturing and elevating our community.

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