NRM Season 26 - Morton Subotnick: Analog Meets Digital

Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 8:00 pm.

North River Music Season 26
Morton Subotnick:
Analog Meets Digital:
The Buchla and Ableton Live

Admission: $15 general;
$10 students & seniors;
tickets at the door.


Morton Subotnick is one of the pioneers in the development of electronic music and an innovator in works involving instruments and other media, including interactive computer music systems. The work which brought Subotnick celebrity was Silver Apples of the Moon [1966-67]; it was commissioned by Nonesuch Records, marking the first time an original large-scale composition had been created specifically for the disc medium – a conscious acknowledgment that the home stereo system constituted a present-day form of chamber music. It has become a modern classic and was recently entered into the National Register of Recorded Works at the Library of Congress. Only 300 recordings throughout the entire history of recorded music have been chosen. He is also pioneering works to offer musical creative tools to young children. He is the author of a series of CD-ROMs for children, a children’s website [] and developing a program for classroom and after-school programs that will soon become available internationally. He tours extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe as a lecturer and composer/performer.

The Buchla synthesizer has been the choice of Morton Subotnick for over 40 years. Find out how Subotnick has adapted his music to work with Ableton Live, a software title originally intended for DJs.




Buchla 200e

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