Billy Allen Exhibition

September 6– October 4, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 13, 6:00  - 8:00 pm

Greenwich House Pottery is pleased to present "Fit for Use," the work of faculty member and studio technician Billy Allen. For his first solo exhibition in Greenwich House Pottery’s Storefront Gallery, Allen has created all new work that explores form and its relationship to the user.

“I find creating functional pottery to be grounding, providing a strong balance to the alienation that accompanies most of the objects I interact with on a daily basis. Working with my hands—being intimately connected to the beginning, middle, and and of a project—resonates with me on a profound level. In an age of disposability where the vessels we drink from are rarely considered, creating functional pottery provides me the opportunity to help restore value to the common object. In Fit for Use, I present a body of work intended to function in the same manner as its mass-produced simulacrum while expressing a unique and distinctive voice. Pottery that is lived with becomes imbued with meaning and value that grows and changes over time, even though the pot remains the same. As an artist, I strive to create works that attain such a unique status.” –Billy Allen

Billy Allen considers himself lucky to have attended a public high school that offered classes in ceramics. This is where he first learned the craft of pottery. A native of Florida, he continued his interest in art studying sculpture and photography at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. After spending two years making wine in New Zealand and Oregon, as well as earning a degree in environmental studies, Billy moved to New York City in 2010 with a renewed focus on making functional pottery. In addition to working in the studio, Billy enjoys spending time in the woods, where he likes to retreat for inspiration and renewal.

Concurrently, the Jane Hartsook Gallery will feature an exhibition from Peter Gourfain.

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