"Greenwich House has been the most incredible after-school enrichment for our daughter...and in fact, the staff and instructors have become like family to us. Having the peace of mind, knowing for certain, that your child is supported, loved, encouraged and growing in not only who she is as a person in her community but in skill sets that help facilitate her imagination and creativity, is a parent's dream. We feel so lucky to have Greenwich House in our lives" -Jessica, PS 3 Parent 

"Greenwich House After-School, Summer Arts and Holiday Camps offer an unrivaled experience. I am confident that my son is always being nurtured and treated with respect by the  talented, enthusiastic and compassionate instructors and staff. While there’s no doubt my son is being entertained and amused, he also is learning and building on skills such as soccer and woodworking on a weekly basis. Furthermore, Greenwich House promotes a community where my son interacts with and strengthens friendships with children he’s known for years and new friends he’s made through the program. It’s always a joy when we run into another Greenwich House kid in the neighborhood, and a delight to see all the kids’ work at special events that showcase their tremendous accomplishments. It’s a joy to see photos of every child in action creating the projects on display." 
-Natasha Gural-Maiello, Parent

"Our son has had hands on learning experiences here with science, architecture, sewing, gardening and a host of other exciting activities that have enriched his intellectual, creative and emotional life. Most importantly, Greenwich House has consistently provided my son with a warm and caring community, one in which we feel truly lucky to be a part."
-Julia Rothenberg and Geoffrey Berliner, Parents

"After talking with a fellow PS 3 parent who enrolled both of her children at Greenwich House After-School a few times a week I began to notice how much more her kids seemed to enjoy it compared to the in-house after-school program at PS 3.  As parents, we liked the idea, the kids can get out of the school building at the end of the school day and spend a few hours somewhere else. The Homework Help program ensures I won't be stuck doing homework after a long day, and the holiday camps offer engaging excursions and engaging activities for my daughter on those school holidays when I just can't take yet another day off from work. We appreciate the community and parent involvement at Greenwich House, while our kids appreciate the science classes like RoboLab. Actually, we appreciate it, our kids love it."
-Angela LaSpisa, Parent

"Greenwich House After-School is beloved by us. The classes are fantastic, diverse and inspired. The staff is exceptional, going above and beyond and never ceasing to amaze me. My girls have always felt comfortable and have been completely engaged in their classes. They have each grown and flourished at Greenwich House. I very highly recommend the program."
-Andrea Steele, Parent

"My son lives in a different state and visits me over the summer. Making and finding friends in New York has always been hard for him to do in such a short amount of time.  Last summer, I saw that he found and made real connections at Greenwich House. He still maintains these long distance friendships over social media and constantly asks me about next summers plans to see his 'New York Crew'.  It makes me so happy he found a community to connect with at Greenwich House."
-Michael Billingsley, Parent

"My son had an amazing time at Greenwich House.  He started Summer Arts Camp in 2012 and he had such a great time, that he couldn't wait to go back for 2013. Here we are again, a year later and he cant wait to go back in 2014!  He and I love the programs that are offered. There is truly something for everyone to do! The BEST part is the friendships (new and old)." 
-Amira Dickinson, Parent 

"At Greenwich House Summer Arts Camp, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed both the well-executed art activities and the warm and friendly staff. Perhaps more importantly, however, she expressed a feeling that Greenwich House was a place that she could 'really be herself' and connect with kids who asked questions, kids who were silly, kids who weren't afraid to try new things and kids who celebrated each other on multiple occasions. A new addition this summer, my ten-year-old told me it was the best time she has ever had, and we are excited to return to this jewel of a program in June." 
-Danielle Filipiak, Parent

"Our daughter really enjoyed the Summer Arts Camp and CIT Program at Greenwich House.  There is wonderful staff, interesting activities and a warm, welcoming spirit.  Our family highly recommends Greenwich House. We can't wait to be back next year!"  
-Isabelle and Aria Laskin, Parents

"My daughter was a camper for several years and last year was a counselor-in-training (CIT) at Greenwich House Summer Arts Camp and she has loved every summer she has been there. From a parent's point-of-view, Greenwich House offers both engaging arts-related activities, some conventional NYC summer camp fun and a real sense of caring and community. She really enjoyed working with younger children as a CIT, and I believe the added responsibility helped her to be more mature and focused on helping others."
-Stephen Policoff, Parent

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