Owen had a long history of being bullied at school and often felt sad and lonely and isolated. At home, his mother suffered from a mental illness, further increasing his sense of isolation and worry. At only 14, Owen constantly worries if he and his mom will not have enough money to make rent or for food.

At the Children’s Safety Project, role playing with therapists has helped him learn to effectively express and communicate his needs, feelings and desires to his mother, as well as other family members. Through learning healthy communication habits, Owen is also starting to gain confidence, reduce his fear of rejecting and improve his self-esteem. 

  1. Ten year old Gabby came to the Children’s Safety Project after she was sexually assaulted by a family member.  She suffers from a mood disorder as a result of being the victim of that assault. Gabby developed uncontrolled mood swings, often becoming angry and frustrated. The goal for her CSP therapist is to provide methods for her to manage her thoughts and feelings of anger and frustration due to the trauma. Gabby is in the beginning stages of treatment and is receptive and engaged in play therapy. As well, she responds well to trauma focused therapy.

Mike is a nine year old caught in the middle of his parents’ ongoing separation, a stress that exacerbated his previously diagnosed ADHD. With his parents using him as in intermediary, Mike had no one to confide in and express his feeling about his parents’ divorce. At the Children’s Safety Project, therapists have been teaching Mike new skills to help him maintain his focus and concentrate on tasks at hand. Building on his growing ability to focus, therapists have also been working to help him better express and manage his feelings both to his therapists and parents. Mike continues show improvement at each therapy session at the Children’s Safety Project.

*Names and identifying details have been changed

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