MAY 21 - JUNE 12, 2015

New York, NY - The Jane Hartsook Gallery is pleased to present the Annual Greenwich House Pottery Artists Exhibition. Each Spring we honor and celebrate the hundreds of talented individuals who sign up for class, prolifically make work, and bring vitality to our tight-knit clay community. The works on display are carefully selected by each artist, and represent their most successful piece or own personal favorite. A ceramic showcase this vibrant, varied, and vast cannot be found often!

“Being of ‘ancient vintage,’ I have a long corridor of memories to draw from. Since Jane Hartsook, I’ve experienced so many different directors, teachers, studio managers, assistants, and students. Within this stream, what has remained a constant is the essence of a warm and encouraging community. I’ve witnessed a stimulating exchange of ideas, the richness of diverse backgrounds and lives – all with the common denominator of an intense and passionate focus on clay.

The yearly exhibition of work done by the students has retained a vitality and scope of imagination that has been a source of great pleasure. The sheer trajectory of the work has been stimulating and impressive.

Working with clay these many years allowed me to bring along my involvement in the dance and music worlds. From each of these practices, I drew upon my intense interest in the reach and breath of a ‘line.’ This was not conscious, but a realization that came with the immersion in doing. I’m eternally grateful that I still have the strong desire to work with clay, and that Greenwich House Pottery exists where I and so many others have found a precious haven.”

- Lillian Miller 2015 - GHP Member

Lillian Miller (Director's Choice Award Recipient) 

Edward Sudentas (Anna Siok Award Recipient)

Michelle Im (Madeline Sadin Award Recipient)

Koren Christofides

Michal Golan


Elizabeth Peters

Maggie Wells

Myrna Goldberg

Yael Goldberg

Charlotte Brem

Mira Smith

Yair Giladi

(L-R) Nanette Rainone, Paula Easton, Nancy Langsan

Nancy Sacks and Steve Byram

Kathryn Millen Robinson

Shannon Bradley

Michael McNulty

(L-R) Paul Narkievicz, Natalia Roumelioti, Ellen Wilkinson

Charles Freehof

Heather Frayne

(L) Janet Rotholz (R) Ellen Berk-Rauch

John Born

John Sheppard

Jane Dodds

Michelle Currier

Mary Joan Bono

Ruth Douzinas

Bonnie Hanna

Peter Barnett

Lisa Conway

Rich Schzkopf

Lainie Stuart

Cory Curtin

Stephanie Grundy (L,Center) Shirley Cheeger (R)

Francine Harris

Mariette Groen

Gaia Starr

Nancy Myers

Melissa Stanley


Rachel Shalem

(L, R) Cynthia Walt, (Center) Moriah Carlson

(L) Elaine Tian (R) Cara Jean McCarthy

Fally Malkani

(L-R) Elizabeth Mock, Matt Gardner, Dena Silberstein

(L) Miriam Patterson (R) Francesca Canin

Mary Kocy

Karen Subek

Eleanor Seewald

Alice Bloom

(L-R) Donna Goldstein, Helen Gilchrist, Isabel Newlin

Jeanne Lieb

(L) Elizabeth Sheer (R) Nancy Cameron

(L) Kathleen Sykes (R) Sam Moriber

Heather Foster

Jen Lewis

Jennifer Danner

Nancy Ross

Ji Park

Pamela Abrahams

Sandi Fellman

Chris DeWeese

ML Lamason

Michelle Kaufmann

(L) Margie Skaggs (R) Les Richter

Jane Tucker

(L) Pamela Spall-Nelkin (R) Marianne Sheil

Haree Kim

(L) Phil Stein (R) Susan Warsh

Gerard McCarthy

(L) David Provan (R) Daniel Cuperstein

Larry Baker

Joan Haslam

Francesco Filiaci

Sarah Katz

Caroline Heffron

Evan Mahl

Shaun Kupra

Phil Capobianco

Karen Farquhar

Fumiha Tanaka

Eun Ha Paek

Yuliya Zabiyaka

Sue Willis

Tom McDonald

Jessica Capone

Ian Crofts

Carol Adams

Elizabeth Mazza


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This program is supported by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, the Allan Buitekant Fund for Ceramic Art & Inquiry, the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, the Hompe Foundation, and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.


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