JANUARY 16 - FEBRUARY 15, 2014


The Jane Hartsook Gallery is pleased to present Maine-based artist, Jonathan Mess, in his New York City solo exhibition debut. Mess’s sculptures are geological landfills that he creates through the process of reclaiming scrap material that he refashions into resplendent objects whose layers reference the deposition of waste over time simultaneously the potential beauty of reuse.


 Reclaim No. 72

 (L-R) Reclaim Slab No. 1, Reclaim Slab No.5, Reclaim Slab No. 6


Reclaim No. 2

 (L) Reclaim Slab No. 15 (R) Reclaim Slab No. 22


 Reclaim No. 40

 (L) Reclaim Slab No. 11 (R) Reclaim Slab No. 12

 Landfill No. 9: Northeastern Cross Section

 (L-R) Reclaim Slab No. 14, Midden No. 1, Midden No. 3


Mess’ works “visually and metaphorically references land, strata, and geology…create(ing) my Landfill series, I engineered a low-waste system of using recycled ceramic materials…slowly poured layers…into found cardboard boxes…adding recycled clay, slop clay, old glazes and leftover materials. Cross Sections were created by slicing into these Landfills, revealing fascinating images and surfaces. These objects deliver a monumental impact on a restrained scale, bridging painting and sculpture.” –Jonathan Mess


 (L-R) Reclaim No. 74, 56, 57, 16, 46, 53, 64, 3, 13, 6

 (L) Reclaim Slab No. 16, (R) Reclaim Slab No. 18


 Installation Photos: Alan Wiener



 Landfill No. 21: Northeastern Cross Section

 Midden No. 1

 Reclaim No. 7

 Reclaim No. 18

 Midden No. 3

 Photos: Kate Mess


Mess studied at the University of Toledo, received a BFA at the University of Montana, Missoula in 1998, and a MFA at the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2008. His work is in private and public collections and exhibited nationally, including the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Santa Fe Clay, Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, The New York State Museum, Montana Museum of Arts & Culture, the University of New Hampshire Museum of Art.


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