Instructor: Hajnal Pivnick

Instructor: Hajnal Pivnick

Instructor 2: _none

Fee: $852, Repertoire Class per trimester ($71 per lesson)

Schedule: Call 212-242-4770 for details

Span: trimester schedule

Every child has the potential to become musical
Environment rather than genetics will determine achievement
Positive reinforcement promotes success

A well-considered series of musical pieces designed to introduce and review musical technique in a progressively challenging format

Begin lessons early, enlisting the aid of the parent as home teacher
Adapt the “mother tongue” approach to learning though listening, imitation, review and positive reinforcement
Break each skill into the smallest possible steps
Teach individual lessons to let each child progress at his or her own pace
Use group classes to review the materials presented in the private lesson and to introduce the skill of playing together

Teaching balanced posture of the body, including violin and bow hold
Teaching balanced tone production or “tonalization”
Teaching perfect intonation
Teaching skills for developing artistic musicianship in performance
Teaching notes and bowings to new pieces

30-Minute Lessons +
Repertoire Class

$852 per trimester ($71 per lesson)
Teacher: Hajnal Pivnick

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