UPDATE: At this time, the Parents League Preschool Fair has been postponed. If you have any questions and/or would like to be added to our admissions distribution list, we encourage you to reach out to us directly here.

There are four steps to our admissions process: (1) Application (2) Lottery (3) Parent Visit (includes a tour and group interview) and (4) Child Visit.

Step 1: Application

Complete an online application. Applications will be available September 1st – October 14th.

  • In order to proceed through our process, an application must be on file.
  • An application is needed for all first time, re-applying and sibling applicants.
  • If you are applying for financial aid, the application fee is waived.

Step 2: Admissions Lottery

We would love to meet all families interested in our school. However, each year we have a large number of requests for applications. Due to limited availability with a growing number of siblings, we hold a lottery for applicants applying to our Toddler, 2s/3s and 3s/4s classes. This lottery determines who moves forward with our application and touring process. Notification of lottery results will be emailed to applicants mid-October. Please note, all children applying to our 4s/5s program will automatically move forward with our application and touring process.

Step 3: Parent Visits: Interview and Tour

For families continuing in the process, a school visit will be arranged for parents between October and January. This visit includes a school tour and an informal group interview session with our director of admissions and school director.

  • For parents only and are approximately one hour long. Parents are encouraged to ask questions to learn as much as they can about our program.
  • Parents of first-time applicants are required to attend a Parent Visit.
  • Parents of sibling applicants and any families who are reapplying are welcome, but not required, to attend again.

Step 4: Child Visits: A Play Observation

Child visits will be held on Monday, January 6, 2020.* In October, we will email you with a specific appointment day and time for your child’s visit.

Your child’s visit is essential to the application process. If your child is not available on Monday, 1/6/20, please notify our admissions office as early as possible. Make-up dates are limited.

Open House

Attending an Open House is not required for application. If your child is selected in the lottery, parents are required to attend a separate, small group Parent Visit. Open Houses will be held on September 19th and October 2nd. 


Letters of notification will be emailed to parents according to the dates specified by the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY).


Sibling Applications

We truly value our current and past families and enjoy welcoming siblings to our community. All siblings are expected to apply at the Toddler or 2s/3s level.

  •     Siblings must submit an application.
  •     All siblings receive a play date and are exempt from the general lottery.
  •     Sibling play dates will be held in November.
  •     For those applying for financial aid, submit forms between November 1st – December 15th.
  •     All siblings receive early notification in December unless a family contacts our office to note otherwise. Please note that early notification is never a guarantee of admission.

We do our absolute best to accommodate all sibling applicants after placing our returning students but we cannot guarantee morning placement for all siblings.

Out-of-Town Applications

Our goal is to accommodate the schedules of out of town applicants to Barrow Street. Therefore, please inform us as soon as possible of any dates you plan to be in the New York City area so we can schedule a visit and tour for you and your child. Whenever possible, we would like to have children participate in our regularly scheduled group visits.