Barrow Street students have the opportunity to choose from several enrichment programs including:

Around the World in Music

Explore cultures from other parts of the world through music! Through the use of rhythmic games, singing, dramatic play and small percussion instruments, students will learn the basics of rhythm, registers, melody directions and matching pitch. Class curriculum will travel through such varied musical cultures as Mexico, India, Africa, Ireland and New Orleans.

Super Soccer Stars

Get the ball rolling! Super Soccer Stars, New York City’s popular soccer development program, is at Barrow Street. Dynamic international coaches work with students to develop skills, self-confidence and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive environment. Positive reinforcement and a low child-to-coach ratio ensure each child improves his or her soccer skills through engaging warm-ups, drills and games.

Cooking with Taste Buds

The children acquire basic cooking techniques and learn how to follow simple recipe instructions such as measuring and mixing ingredients together. Each week there is a new recipe that the children can take home and share with their families. The children sample the food they make and sometimes take some home to their families.

Mi Atico Spanish Class

Mi Atico is a Spanish Immersion Program for children. They make learning Spanish fun by using a unique method that uses music, storytelling, arts, crafts, games and more. Mit Atico introduces children to Hispanic culture, teaching them about Spanish countries, typical dances, food, music and more!

Art Class

Using our art space on the 6th floor, the class explores various art techniques and work on projects over an extended period of time. Over the course of the class we build a word wall with words and concepts like abstract versus realism and color and line. Well known artists like Picasso, Mondrian, Van Gogh and Pollock are also discussed and used for inspiration. Geometric concepts like parallel lines and angles are also introduced through art. The class works collaboratively on a large canvas the entire semester while also working on their own individual canvases and shorter based projects designed to excite and expand the imagination. The combination between the materials, teacher and space has made this class a favorite!

*Please inquire about semester scheduling and cost.

Activities vary by semester.