Nursery School


Classes at Barrow Street Nursery School are as follows:

The Toddler Class is a program for children who have just turned 2 or will be turning 2, that’s specifically designed to promote independence, autonomy and language development. This year-long pre-nursery school program meets two or three times a week and begins with a slow separation period where parents or caregivers gently separate throughout the first 6-8 weeks of class.


The 2s/3s class focuses on your toddler’s growing independence and language development and is designed to stimulate children’s social, physical and cognitive development while safeguarding that security through the separation process. Some 5-day students may go on to the 4s/5s class the following year, depending on the best fit for your child.


The 3s/4s class emphasizes decision-making, independent choice, responsibility and social skills through communication. Teachers support development of academic skills, foster each child’s creativity and artistic expression and help build secure relationships.


The 4s/5s class supports observation, organization and problem-solving skills as children transition to symbolic expression. The curriculum provides a foundation upon which literacy, mathematics, science and social studies are established.


For more information about our class schedules and tuition, please visit Program Options.