Barrow Street Nursery School has programs to suit each period of early childhood development. Learn more about our Nursery School, Toddler Program, opportunities for enrichment, extended day option and summer program at the right.


Our curriculum provides children with the building blocks of knowledge, thinking and reasoning. We incorporate age-appropriate skills into content areas and progressively increase the level of difficult as children master each set of skills. Social interaction, problem solving skills and language development are strongly emphasized. Classroom structure is specifically organized to allow for a balance of active and quiet times. This balance allows children to have the focus and energy they need to participate fully at all times. Throughout the day, children have the chance to take part in large-group, small-group and individual activities which emphasize the following skills:

  • Language and Literacy: Children learn to name and classify shapes, letters and numbers and to cultivate other pre-reading skills during circle time, story time, dramatic play, listening and writing centers. We have an extensive library for students to explore and read their favorite books!
  • Science: Science activities include cooking, water and air experiments, creative and building inventions, feeding class pets and planting. We often incorporate our rooftop garden in these experiments.
  • Math: Children are exposed to numerical concepts such as patterns, graphs, logical reasoning, number recognition and measurement through exploration in the classroom. A favorite area for introducing math concepts is the classroom block area, where children begin to learn math properties related to balance, addition and division.
  • Movement and Music: The focus of our movement program is geared towards the students’ understanding of space, time, rhythm and force. Through the practice of singing, listening and moving, each student begins to develop an understanding of how to make their voices and bodies move together. This weekly class incorporates creative movement, yoga and physical education. Our tricycle track provides another outlet for the development of gross motor skills.
  • Art: Our dedicated art room gives children a space to work on prolonged art investigations through painting, drawing and crafts.
  • Pottery: Pottery Dave from Greenwich House Pottery provides hands-on experiences with clay.
  • Ballet: The American Ballet Theatre conducts workshops for our 3s/4s and 4s/5s classes, which culminate in a field trip for our students and families to visit the Theatre.

A daily schedule, structure and routine are extremely important for young children. This structure allows them to feel safe and secure when they can predict the sequence of the day. For a sample class schedule, click here.