Barrow Street Nursery School has programs to suit each period of early childhood development. Learn more about our Nursery School, opportunities for enrichment, extended day options and our summer program through the menu on this page.


The beauty of learning at Barrow Street is that our curriculum is entirely focused on the early childhood years. We believe these years are the most intensely productive of a child’s life and we challenge our students to excel in ways that fit their own unique development. Topics are integrated across different areas and teachers present new ideas the build upon familiar concepts, overlapping from one area to the next.

Our curriculum is child-centered and focuses on social interaction. Pre-Academic areas are introduced through large and small group activities based on children’s interests and during “work time”. Those children who demonstrate readiness are encouraged to pursue learning activities through their “work”. Teachers plan, question and process with children in developing a personalized education program appropriate for the child’s developmental level.

Our curriculum provides children with the building blocks of knowledge, thinking and reasoning. We incorporate age-appropriate skills into content areas and progressively increase the level of difficulty as children master each set of skills. Social interaction, problem solving skills and language development are strongly emphasized. Classroom structure is specifically organized to allow for a balance of active and quiet times. This balance allows children to have the focus and energy they need to participate fully at all times.

Throughout the day, children have the chance to take part in large-group, small-group and individual activities which emphasize the following skills:

  • Language and Literacy: The teachers strengthen literacy skills by integrating social interaction and language development throughout the day. Children learn to name and classify shapes, letters and numbers and to cultivate other pre-reading skills during circle time, story time, dramatic play, listening and writing centers.Our library is designed with young children in mind. This special space allows visiting parents, grandparents and children’s authors to share their favorite books. It becomes a destination for all students to explore and “read” their favorite books!
  • Math: Children are exposed to numerical concepts such as patterns, graphs, logical reasoning, number recognition and measurement through exploration in the classroom. These concepts are organically integrated through topics the children are studying. For instance, while studying various animals that fly, children use Unifix cubes to measure their own wing span. Individually, they recorded their numbers on paper and as a class they created a graph of these various numbers. Another favorite area for introducing math concepts is the classroom block area. Using unit building blocks, children begin to learn math properties related to balance, addition and division.

Service Learning and Community 

Barrow Street believes a solid educational foundation incorporates the community. Our service learning curriculum reinforces the values of honesty, responsibility, respect and kindness and allows children to understand how they play a part in making the world a better place. Visit our Community Engagement page to learn how we make green learning accessible to our students!

Our students share in the rich life of New York City’s West Village community. We believe that education promotes responsibility and develops character. In the hope of instilling a life-long habit, our approach to service means the children see the adults in their lives, parents and teachers, modeling the way a caring community behaves.