Acting for Stage – (Ages 12-14)

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Ages 12-14

February 1 – June 6 (17 classes)

Learn the craft and art of performance in this acting class for preteens and teens. Taught in two sections over the course of a year, students learn techniques and strategies to use from audition to stage from a professional actor and educator. 

In the spring term students focus on scene workdeepening their understanding of the acting processThe term culminates with a performance of their work for family and friends. 

Each class begins with a warm up for students to get in touch with their playful and creative sides. Warm up games also tune young actors into their fellow class mates – it helps them get out of their heads and into the moment – an important acting skill! 

Our teaching artist will guide students in choosing appropriate material, or scripts, to work on with a partner. They will look through plays, film and tv scripts for roles and stories they connect with. Students will learn how to analyze a scene – playing detective and reading very carefully for clues about the character and relationship they will be portraying. Finally, students will rehearse these scenes with a partner. In class they will practice making acting choices and “getting on their feet” – or the professional rehearsal process! 

This class will give students the tools they need to participate in school plays or audition for specialized schools or productions. Additionally, the rehearsal process is a wonderful way for young actors to learn how to integrate reading, discussion, personal expression and creativity into one art form. Acting is the study of the human condition – and can help young people feel empowered to talk about feelings and relationships.  

Students are expected to complete at home assignments and commit to being in class to work with their scene partner.  

There will be a final scene showcase for friends and family at the end of the term. 

Attendance in the fall term is not prerequisite, but if you have any questions about the class and expectations or needs, please feel free to reach out! 


Guiding Statement:  

At Greenwich House Music School we believe how we make theater is just as important as the performance. Imagination, play and teamwork are at the center of our classes for elementary aged students. Older students are introduced to acting and performance techniques that prepare them for auditions and productions of plays and film alike. All students are met where they’re at and treated with respect and inclusion. 

Featured People

Khristal Curtis

Khristal Curtis is a Brooklyn-based theatre artist and facilitator specializing in Devised Theatre.  She has an MA in Educational Theatre from New York University and a BFA in Theatre from the Actors Training Program Conservatory at the University of Utah.