Acting & Improv (Ages 8-11)

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Ages 8-11

January 12 -June 8 (19 classes)

In this acting class kids ideas take center stage! No scripts or auditions here; young actors will learn the importance of imagination and saying “Yes, and!” to their fellow actors.  

At Greenwich House Music School we value giving students the opportunity to make creative choices and present courageous performances 

That is why the final performance is entirely student created! It will be performed the first week of June in our historic Greenwich House Theater. 

With the guidance of our dedicated teaching artist and director of course! 

How we get there: 

Each week, students will play improv games that will boost their confidence in acting, generating ideas, and performing together. These games also train students to be quick on their feet, sharpen reflexes and listen to their own feelings in any given situation (inspiration!). 

Students will also learn the 5 Ws of creating a play and character. These basic words – Who, what, where, when, and why are the basis of all acting and performance techniques – and the building blocks of creating and scene or play.  

Finally, in every class students learn how to navigate social and group dynamics.  How do we include everyone in a story? How can we be sure all of our talents and ideas shine? Teamwork and cooperation are key in pulling off a great show – and a useful skill in most areas of life! Students learn how to take center stage – AND how to support each other and be part of an ensemble 

This class is appropriate for the curious performer as well as the seasoned living room diva. 

Performance to be held in the first week of June at Greenwich House Theater.  

School Pick Up with Greenwich House YCC available! $85 per term 


Guiding Statement:  

At Greenwich House Music School we believe how we make theater is just as important as the performance. Imagination, play and teamwork are at the center of our classes for elementary aged students. Older students are introduced to acting and performance techniques that prepare them for auditions and productions of plays and film alike. All students are met where they’re at and treated with respect and inclusion.


Khristal Curtis

Khristal Curtis is a Brooklyn-based theatre artist and facilitator specializing in Devised Theatre.  She has an MA in Educational Theatre from New York University and a BFA in Theatre from […]