Art Makers

4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Ages 5-6

Using literature and life experiences, students will create their own artwork using a variety of techniques such as painting, sculpture, printing, collage and more. Students will create and develop their own work independently, with guidance from the instructor. This class helps students develop and hone their relationship with self-expression, adding purpose and meaning to their artwork. All of the artwork created will be presented at a year-end gallery walk for family and friends! Art Makers is led by Brenna Fisher.

  • If a class does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, GHMS will notify parents one week in advance of the beginning of class.
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes will be capped at 10 students, social distancing will be observed, materials will be cleaned between each session, and students and faculty will wear masks at all times to ensure the safety of our community.

Featured People

Brenna Fisher

Brenna Fisher is an artist and early childhood educator interested in how artistic expression can be used to foster empathy, connection, and community. Facing a pandemic 7 months pregnant, Brenna chose to leave her teaching job and become a full-time