Ballet II (Ages 6-7)

4:45 pm - 5:30 pm
Ages 6–7

Students continue to learn ballet technique and vocabulary while they develop strength, flexibility, and musicality. More complex step combinations are introduced at this level.

Special Notes:

  • Please note that some students may be placed into classes based on ability instead of age.
  • If a class does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, GHMS will notify parents one week in advance of the beginning of class.

Required Supplies:

  • Girls should wear a ballet leotard, pink footed tights, and pink ballet slippers. Students with long hair should put their hair into a traditional ballet bun at the crown of the head. Short hair should be clipped away from the face.
  • Boys should wear a white fitted shirt, black shorts or tights and black slippers.
  • For the leotard we recommend: style N5500C.
  • Ballet II – light blue.


Erin Monteleone

Erin grew up in New Orleans, LA where she began her dance training at the age of three. She first attended the Giacobbe Academy of Dance under the direction of Joseph Giacobbe. Through the Academy, she had the privilege of