Taste Buddies (Team Cook Off)

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Ages 7 and up

This fall our Youth Community Center has added a new cooking class inspired by competitive cooking challenges. Taste Buddies will be a space for children to learn advanced cooking techniques, become familiar with new ingredients, and work as a team to hone their cooking skills. Teams will consist of head chefs and sous chefs- allowing children to learn how to lead and support. There also will be guest chefs, trips to restaurants, and an end of semester cook-off with judges. If your child is interested in exploring the wide world of cuisine- this is the class for them!

Questions? Contact the YCC:

212-242-4140, ext. 263


Tamain Trice

Tamain Trice is a Greenwich House YCC specialist with over a decade of successful experience with teaching cooking and sports. Tamain has been with our program since 2005, first as […]