Musical Theater (Ages 8-11)

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Ages 8-11

January 10 – June 6 (20 classes)

Two power house teachers lead this performing arts class – a dancetheater director and musician-songwriter. Together, they take students on a journey from learning famous musical theater numbers to creating their OWN! 

At Greenwich House Music School we value giving students the opportunity to make creative choices and present courageous performances.  

That is why the final musical theater performance is entirely student created! It will be performed the first week of June in our historic Greenwich House Theater. 

How do we get there? 

Each class begins with a check-in, and vocal and dance warm up. Students learn the importance of practice and preparation – both mentally and physically. These warm ups help students get to know each other as well as the skills needed to perform a musical number. 

Over the first several weeks students will learn some famous songs from musicals along with choreography and characters. They’ll learn how these songs move the story forward, and how important it is to act and perform them with heart.  

Once students have gained confidence and skills in the basics, they will begin to work on their own musical.  

Together students will write, choreograph and perform a brand new musical number. Our teaching artist will help them adapt or originate a story with characters and plot. They will compose music, write lyrics as a group and create a dance. There will be solos, group singing and dancing and even a scene to act out.  

Bonus feature! 

Students will practice, rehearse and perform with live accompaniment and original music scored by our very own teachers 

This class is appropriate for the curious performer as well as the seasoned living room diva. 

Performance to be held in the first week of June at Greenwich House Theater.  

School Pick Up with Greenwich House YCC available! $85 per term 

Guiding Statement:  

At Greenwich House Music School we believe how we make theater is just as important as the performance. Imagination, play and teamwork are at the center of our classes for elementary aged students. Older students are introduced to acting and performance techniques that prepare them for auditions and productions of plays and film alike. All students are met where they’re at and treated with respect and inclusion. 


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