RIE Class – Toddlers

9:30 am - 11:00 am
RIE classes consist of monitored play sessions for small groups of babies and their parents. Led by a RIE-trained facilitator, RIE classes provides parents the opportunity to observe their babies interacting with each other and with carefully selected objects in an environment that is safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing.
In a relaxed setting, parents quietly observe their babies exploring while the facilitator models when and how to intervene. During facilitator-led class discussions, parents learn about infant development and how to use quiet observation to deepen their awareness of their babies’ temperaments and behavioral cues. Parents begin to understand, gain confidence in, and enjoy their babies’ natural development; in turn, their babies develop security, self-confidence, and competence during play, movement, and socialization activities.
The facilitator’s minimal but focused and specific interventions provide parents valuable examples, tools and ideas to use in making their own parenting choices.
Babies are grouped according to gross motor development, starting at about four months. Classes meet once a week and groups are on-going. Groups can remain together in continuous eight week sessions until the youngest turns two, but parents can also join on-going groups at any time. Classes are capped at 8 participating babies.
RIE Mobile Babies is for children who are walking, up to 2.5 years old.


Kristin Eliasberg

Kristin Eliasberg is a former dancer, journalist, and editor who became passionate about RIE and the Educaring™ Approach after she attended RIE classes with her daughter in 2006. She has since completed her RIE training to become a RIE Associate