Showstoppers – Intro to Musical Theater (Ages 8-11)

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Showstoppers borrows its title from the musical number in a show that brings down the house. This performing arts class is facilitated by a dancer and musician who are teaching artists and professionals in the field. Students learn the fundamentals of singing, dance and acting by learning contemporary musical theater songs—and even create their own!  

In the fall term, students will learn fundamentals of singing, dance, and acting by learning contemporary musical theater songs. Every class begins with a physical and vocal warm up, followed by an exploration of a specific type of musical theater song and scene.  

In the spring term, students will begin to create their own musical number complete with characters, choreography, and lyrics. Students will learn how to work together and perform their own stories for family and friends and at the end of the term.  

The class will perform at the end of each term for friends and family.