[as of August 3, 2020]

The following is a list of important steps and measures that all employees and essential visitors of GHMS should understand and follow as we begin to return to the Music School building. The best way to continue to protect you and our community remains washing hands OFTEN, do not touch your face, wear a face covering, and avoid crowded areas.

· The interior front door to the Music School building will remain locked at all times. Everyone entering the building will be buzzed through the vestibule door by the Registrar/Administrative Assistant at the front desk. Please maintain social distancing as you enter and exit the building.

· The Music School on-site capacity will be reduced by 50%. In order to facilitate this reduction, parents of children who are 10 years old and over will be instructed to drop off their children at the front door/vestibule area, and can pick them up after their lesson/class. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your lesson/class time.

· All common areas in the Music School building will have new capacity restrictions, which will be posted outside of each area. All chairs in the 3rd and 4th floor hallways will be removed, in order to maintain social distancing and capacity restrictions.

· All staff, faculty, and essential visitors must answer and sign a daily health questionnaire/symptom tracker, before they enter the building. Visitors must also provide contact information, in order to facilitate contact tracing, if needed.

· All staff, faculty, and essential visitors to GHMS must wear facial coverings/masks at the Music School at all times.

· If you are sick, stay home, and contact the Registrar, and/or your teacher. In case of sickness, make up lessons may be scheduled for online with the faculty.

· If a student becomes or appears sick at the school, they will be quarantined to a separate room away from other students.

· The Music School building will be cleaned at least once per day, in accordance with CDC guidelines. Staff will clean common areas, such as lobbies, restroom sinks, door handles, etc., at least twice per day. Faculty will clean and disinfect instruments and shared objects between each use, as per CDC guidelines. A log with dates and times will be kept of cleaning and disinfection.

· The women’s bathroom in the basement will be closed, and women may use the men’s restroom in the basement. Men should use the first floor restroom in the teacher’s lounge.

· All voice, brass, and flute lessons will remain online, as well as the Stage Struck class. Other lessons and classes may remain online, as needed.

· All ensemble classes will take place in the recital hall. Teachers and students must wear masks.

· All ballet classes will be restricted to 10 students.

· Monthly recitals will have restrictions on participation, and how many audience members can be present. GHMS will also record or live stream the recitals for audience members who cannot attend in person.

· Shared instruments will be cleaned in between each use. Pianos will be cleaned in accordance with Steinway COVID-19 guidelines, using EPA and CDC approved cleaner. Strings teachers will wear disposable gloves when handling student’s instruments.

· Students must bring their own strings, instruments, pencils and music.

· Each studio has a window that can open, as well as one clean, working fan that will help contribute to air flow.

· All people exiting the building will exit the first floor studio entrance at 44 Barrow St.

· In the event of a positive COVID case in our community, the Music School will close for 24 hours for a deep cleaning. All community members will be immediately informed as a general alert, and anyone we know who came into “close contact” with that individual will be specifically informed.

· According to the latest CDC guidance, close contact is considered contact with a COVID positive individual within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more; and anyone who has come into close contact with the individuals who tested positive are instructed to quarantine for 14 days, contact their health care provider, monitor symptoms, and get a COVID-19 test. All other community members should monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.