Dance Clarinets

Dance Clarinets, Greenwich House Music School’s (GHMS) adult ensemble, is led by faculty member JD Parran. Mr. Parran is also an adjunct music professor at BMCC and Brooklyn College Music Conservatory, and is guest faculty at IN Performance Music Workshop in Marine Park, Brooklyn. He is best known as a clarinet soloist and has performed and recorded with artists including Lena Horne, Sammy Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder and many others. The Ensemble consists of a variety of instruments of the clarinet family pitched from high to extremely low range: Bb, Eb, alto, Bb bass, Eb contrabass and Bb contrabass.

The ensemble meets weekly throughout the year to study and rehearse. GHMS invites visiting artists to collaborate and commission new works written expressly for a clarinet ensemble. Dance Clarinets performs a wide variety of public concerts for the community at Greenwich House, senior centers and other public events.

“I am so appreciative of the major work everyone did to bring “Colorations and Explorations” alive in all its glory. It was an overwhelming experience for me to hear the final version after such a difficult year. Each and every musician found a way to bring their part alive and take the composition to new heights of expression.”

– Joseph Daley

Composer of new work commissioned for the Dance Clarinets 2020 Season


“For those with a taste for the avant garde, seasoned musician/composer Joseph Daley’s “Colorations and Explorations” is quite the adventure…What was most enlightening was the large collective that energetically and masterfully played “Colorations and Explorations.” This group was Dance Clarinets, the adult woodwind ensemble of Greenwich House Music School, led by faculty member and clarinetist, JD Parran. Hearing many of these variants [of clarinet] played in itself was completely mesmerizing and enthralling…The result, 34 minutes of sheer creativity, was truly fascinating.”

-Marilyn Lester

Review for The New York City Jazz Record