Vista Lirica

Vista Lirica founding members, L to R: Neil Rynston, Eric Grossman, Lawrence Zoernig, Beth Levin, Frank Foerster

Vista Lirica is ensemble-in-residence at Greenwich House Music School. Founded in 2004, Vista Lirica is a chamber music collective with 5 core members. Vista Lirica’s musicians have garnered recognition as soloists and seasoned chamber musicians in the United States and abroad.

The name ‘Vista Lirica’ springs from Orpheus’ lyre and means ‘lyric view’ [Italian] –  a perspective which embraces the unbridled emotionality of Nature as expressed through music and art. In the works of the great 19th-century Romantic composers, we discover a full range of expression in which Nature’s power and emotionality take center stage.  To that end, the music of Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Brahms and Fauré are well represented in VL’s concerts.

Vista Lirica also maintains ongoing collaborations with contemporary neoromantic composers, most notably David Del Tredici, Steven Burke, Lowell Liebermann and Dalit Warshaw.

The Romantics sounded a prescient alarm for balancing Nature and technology; its resonance has inspired Vista Lirica’s events. Past events featured collaborations with The Marine Conservation Institute and alternative energy activist Martin Vosseler. Vista Lirica’s 2019/20 season is Farm-to-Table Music, a collaboration with VL and great farmer chefs at venues in NYC and at farm/estates.

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