Cara Jean McCarthy

A former professional dancer, Cara grew up in Indianapolis, IN and dreamed of pursuing a Broadway Musical Theater Life. After dancing in a small ballet company in upstate NY–while working on her M.A—an in depth study on the Vaganova Russian Ballet Teaching Syllabus & a Jazz Performance featuring Salm Stewart’s “Flat Foot Floogie”—she moved to NYC.


After her dance life and career, she discovered Clay Love at GHP in 2007, studying first with Peter Lane who nurtured her free forms and encouraged personal style along with technical practice. Working with clay became her new dance, creating movement in porcelain stillness, she dares you to look closer and to touch the clay.  She loves to make pieces that can hold, appear as, or are painted with garden forms and caricatures of woodland creatures. Her own personal gardens.

“Never Enough Flowers!”


“Clay is meant to be touched! It’s a simple, earthy, tactile joy!”.

Her clay loves have been shown at the International Museum of Dinnerware Design, The Tokyo NYC Friendship Association Exhibitions, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition and at the GHP Jane Hartsook Gallery Exhibitions, as well as in homes all over the globe.