Donna Green

November 4 – December 6, 2019

Donna Green is a sculptor, potter and photographer based in New York City. Green’s forms are reminiscent of cast bronze, comprised of the swells and depressions that are more often the purview of metal than clay, and yet her work is distinctly about the evocative manipulation of clay and the fluid nature of glaze. Despite the best descriptors for the forms being words like “bulging” and “gnarled,” Green’s sculptures—handbuilt of stoneware coils that she pinches, scrapes, pokes and punches—are emotive and elegant. Green truly achieves her goal of creating work that finds beauty in the mundane or in ugliness.

Donna Green is a ceramic artist based in New York City. Trained in industrial design at Sydney College of the Arts in Australia, Green moved to New York to join Industrial Design Magazine as one of its editors. Her work has been exhibited at Greenwich House Pottery in New York, McClain Gallery in Houston and at Utopia Art Sydney. She will continue to develop her forms during her April 22 to May 17, 2020 fellowship.

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