Jenni Lukasiewicz

Jenni Lukasiewicz is an artist living and working in New York City. Originally from South Hadley Massachusetts, she studied studio art at Mount Holyoke College and papermaking and bookbinding in Italy before spending 5 years living in New Mexico enjoying the forests and the desert and exploring the Southwest, the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast.

Before clay, her primary medium was paper: cutting, folding and creating layered drawings and sculptures that explore light, transparency and material. She is meticulous and discerning; working at Greenwich House Pottery allows her to explore these ideas in clay.

Her latest ceramic works are conceptual and explorative, investigating the psychology of hoarding. Symptoms of hoarding include accumulating items that are not of use, such as piles of junk mail, used coffee filters, worn-out dishrags. Hoarding is often linked to trauma; collecting and accumulating objects can be a coping mechanism.

Through various processes including painting and dipping slip, casting, or impressing an item directly into clay, she produces quotidian items—junk mail, coffee filters, dishrags—in porcelain. The transformation of these objects from their original material into to porcelain alters the classification of the collected matter, shifting how we look at it and elevating its value.