Online Resources

The page brings together a variety of our favorite online resources for extended learning. Content is produced by Greenwich House Pottery and its staff, as well as other educational centers and artists.

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GHP Lecture Series
– Ellen Denker, Lecture: “Keeping the Fire Alive: American China Painters From Cincinnati to Chicago,” Parts 1-6, October 15th, 2009
– Caroline Hannah, Lecture: “Making Clay Modern: The Decorated Pottery of Henry Varnum Poor,” Parts 1-7, Nov. 12th, 2009
– Phoenix Lindsey Hall, GHP Fellowship Artist Talk, June 2019
– Carly Slade, GHP Artist Talk in conjunction with Carly’s solo exhibition City Wide in our Jane Hartsook Gallery on view January 10 through February 7, 2020.

GHP Faculty Demos
– Ryan Strobel, Making a Mug for GHP Pop-Up Sale, December 2014. Ryan was a GHP faculty member 2011-2012, 2014-2015. He made this video for GHP’s annual winter sale.

– Lisa Chicoyne, how to edit and rework a dry paper clay piece, March 2020.
– Trevor King, working with air dry clay, March 2020.
– Gina Tibbott, how to build a “portal” form, silent time-lapse video showing how to build the form, as well as designing and executing a variety of surface details, March 2020.
– Gina Tibbott, how to handbuild a platter, silent time-lapse video, March 2020.
– Anjuli Wright, how to handbuild a large vessel, March 2020.

Surface Treatments and Glazing/Firing
– Dave Gibson, cone 6 glaze demo, March 2020. Dave is a GHP faculty member.
– Dave Gibson, wash demo, March 2020.
– Trevor King, kilns and firing at GHP, March 2020.
– Julie Knight, marbling with slip demo, March 2020.
– Kate Missett, how to glaze over drawings or transfer, March 2020.
– Dustin Yager, Brush Basics and Beyond the Beginner Tool Kit.
– Adam Welch, GHP house glazes, March 2020. Adam is GHP’s director and a faculty member.

GHP Faculty and Staff Artist Talks
– Collyn Ahren, “A Glimpse in the Fire: A Documented Experience of an Anagama Wood Firing at Peter’s Valley.” GHP tech Collyn Ahren gives an artist talk about an anagama wood firing she participated in at Peter’s Valley in the summer of 2019.
– Kathy Erteman, “Kathy Erteman Ceramic Vessels,” by ArtistFilmDocs, July, 2019. Kathy is a faculty member at GHP.
– Trevor King, Trevor’s thesis talk from 2015.
– Trevor King, “Raw Clay in Contemporary Art,” March 26, 2020. Trevor discusses the work of several contemporary artists whose work he admires that work with raw clay.
– Ryan Rennie, virtual tour of his solo exhibition Back Dirt at Plank Road Gallery, March 2020.
– Elise Siegel, presentation about Jessica Jackson Hutchins, March 2020.
Julie Terestman, by Sara Japanese Pottery, February 2020. Julie is a faculty member at GHP.
– Derek Weisberg, studio visit at Greenwich House Pottery, Quiet Lunch Magazine, January 2013.
– Adam Welch, Artaxis Conversation for National Clay Week, October 2018. Adam is GHP’s Director.

Faculty Favorites
A Good Time to be West, a documentary about 12 California sculptors, California International Arts Foundation Production.
– Interview with Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla from Art21.- Alan Caiger Smith with Michael Casson, “The Craft of the Potter” from BBC, Decoration Part 1 and Decoration Part 2. Alan discusses decoration: brush strokes, wax resist, and pattern design.
– Michael Casson with Walter Keeler and Lynne Reeve, “The Craft of the Potter,” BBC. Glaze and Fire Part 1 and Glaze and Fire Part 2. Michael, Walter, and Lynne discuss the basics of firing and glazing including the basic components of glaze, the differences between oxidation and reduction firings, and discuss basic glaze issues.
Ceramic Arts Daily. Website full of tips and tricks.
– Lisa Chicoyne, “How to Write a Haiku,” an alternate form of expression for potters while they are away from their studios.
– Craft in America, “Teachers,” at Alfred University with Linda Sikora,  Wayne Higby, Andrea Gill, John Gill, and Matthew Metz. John Gill shows his paper cutout form designing technique.
– Interview with Theaster Gates from Art21.
– The Great Pottery Throwdown, a pottery competition show similar to the Great British Bake Off. Available on various streaming services or can be found on YouTube.
-Trevor King, “Profe,” a video Trevor made with his professor Richard Wukich. Richard’s thesis, as cited in the video is here.
Revolutions of the Wheel, history of american ceramics from 19th Century American potters with their industrial origins to contemporary American clay artists whose work now ranks as fine art, Queens Row Films.
– Jim Melchert, “Changes,” a performance, 1972.
– Interview with Arlene Shechet from Art21.

Additional Artist Talks and Interviews
– Svend Bayer, “Potter” short film about his life and work by Goldmark Gallery, December 16, 2016. Svend had an exhibition at GHP February 2016.
– Beth Cavener, “Beth Cavener – Sculptor,” by Like Knows Like, August 2017.
– Daphne Carnegy, “Masterclass with Daphne Carnegy,” Ceramics Review. Daphne discusses majolica.
– Cassils, “Up To and Including Their Limits,” Gardiner Museum, February 20, 2020.
– Cristina Cordova, from the series “Soul’s Journey: Inside the Creative Process,” 2012.
– Naomi Dalglish and Michael Hunt, Conversation with Bandana Potters, September 12, 2018. Naomi and Michael taught a workshop and had an exhibition at GHP December 2017.
– Tacita Dean, “Tacita Dean – FILM| Tate,” Tacita discusses her installation in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, October 2011.
– Magdolene Dykstra, interview about installation at the Gardiner Museum, March 23, 2020. Magdolene will have a solo exhibition in our Jane Hartsook Gallery this fall.
– Adam Field, Artaxis Conversation for National Clay Week, October 2018.
Viola Frey, KQED, February 2004.
– Antony Gormley, “Sculpted Space, within and without,” TED Talk, 2012.
– Samuel Johnson, Artaxis Conversation for National Clay Week, October 2018. Samuel was a GHP Fellow and taught a workshop at GHP July 9 – August 3, 2018.
– Randy Johnston, “Randy Johnston | An Expansive Vision – feature film about American potter,” Goldmark Gallery, July 2018.
– Didem Mert, Artaxis Conversation for National Clay Week, October 2018. Didem has an upcoming exhibition at GHP October 9 – November 6, 2020.
Ron Nagel, KQED, March 2009.
– Eun-Ha Paek, “Eun-Ha Paek Relies on the Unexpected to Create,” by House Studios during her GHP Fellowship, January 2018.
– Charles Ray, “Artist Talk: Charles Ray,” Art Institute of Chicago, May 2015.
– Sterling Ruby, “Sterling Ruby Interview: A Bowl of Memories,” interview by Louisiana Channel, February 2016.
Richard Shaw, KQED, February 2005.
Interview with Carly Slade for Ceramics Monthly. Carly had a solo show in our Gallery in January 2020. Originally published in April 2020 issue of Ceramics Monthly, pages (52–57). . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission.
– Taryn Simon, “Taryn Simon Photographs Secret Sites,” TED Talk, September 2009.
– Beth Stichter, interview by Ceramics Field Guide. Beth had an exhibition at GHP in 2009.
– Toshiko Takaezu, “Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of an Artist,” State of the Arts New Jersey, June 2013.
– Patti Warashina, interview by Ceramics Field Guide. Patti had an exhibition at GHP in 1989.
– Steven Young Lee, interview by Ceramics Field Guide. Steven had an exhibition at GHP in 2013.

Additional Demos
– Jennifer Allen, “Darted and Decorated,” Ceramic Arts Network. Jennifer handbuilds a butter dish, using molds, templates, and darting.
– Jessica Hopper, “Ceramics 101: Underglaze Techniques.” Jennifer demos several techniques including sgraffito, inlay, and transfer.
– Matt & Rose Katz, “Craze-y for You: the True Story of Glaze Crazing,” Ceramics Materials Workshop, October 2017.
– Linnea Lark, “How to Use Underglaze: Watercolor and Opaque Techniques.”
– Didem Mert, “How to Make Pinch Pots Without Ruining Your Wrists,” Ceramic Arts Network, November 2017. Didem has an upcoming exhibition at GHP October 9 – November 6, 2020.
– Angelica Pozo, “Creative Tile Making,” Ceramic Arts Network. Angelica shows how to design and make a tile mosaic.
– Linda Sikora, “Assembling a Teapot (Spout, Finial, Handle),” Craft in America, September 15, 2016.
– Bill Wilkey, “How to Make a Tightly Fitting Lid for a Squared Off Wheel Thrown Jar,” Ceramic Arts Network, March 10, 2016.

Greenwich House Pottery
Introducing Greenwich House Pottery, June 24, 2010
Crafting Community: Greenwich House Pottery  at 100, August 14, 2009
Let’s Take a Trip Parts 1-3, CBS Broadcast at GHP, 1958
The Pottery Maker. A 1925 film made by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Elizabeth Custer, and Greenwich House Pottery. Potter Victor Raffo plays the title role.

Art History
The Cool School, Independent Television Service. History of the LA art scene in the 1950s, narrated by Jeff Bridges.
– “Peter Voulkos, A Brief History,” by Craft in America. Peter was a resident artist at GHP for several summers in the 1960s.
– Excerpts of oral history interviews from the Archives of American Art on a range of topics.
Craft in America. Craft in America is a Peabody Award-winning series documenting the vitality, history, and significance of the craft movement. Addresses a range of materials.
– Glenn Adamson, “Voulkos, The Breakthrough Years,” Missoula Art Museum, August 2017.

Historical Investigations and Techniques
– Michelle Erickson, “How was it Made? An Agate Teapot“, Victoria & Albert Museum, 2012

Artist Resources
– Artists’ Legacy Foundation, Establishing Legacy Goals, a helpful worksheet for all artists to start thinking about planning their legacies.
– Joan Mitchell Foundation, Estate Planning Workbook for Visual Artists
The Field Guide for Ceramic Artists by Julia Galloway. A website full of useful information for ceramic artists, from packing tips to getting health insurance.

Virtual Museum/Gallery Visits
Brooklyn Museum collection online
– “Chinese and Japanese Ceramics” an online exhibition by the Gardiner Museum, presented through Google.
Gardiner Museum collection online. The chief curator of the Gardiner, Sequoia Miller, used to be a GHP faculty member! He is involved in an upcoming exhibition about Minnie Negoro in our Jane Hartsook Gallery, opening fall 2020.
Guggenheim online
– “In Pursuit of A Meaningful Mark,” an exhibition at Mindy Solomon Gallery, March 13 – April 25, 2020
MoMA online
New Museum online
– “Northern Visions: Contemporary Inuit Ceramics” an exhibition at the Gardiner Museum, presented through Google.
Rhizome, born-digital artwork affiliated with the New Museum.
Whitney Museum online

– Ben Carter, Tales of a Red Clay Rambler
– Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Conversations with Legends
– MoMA and the BBC, The Way I See It, 30 acclaimed thinkers (writers, composers, comedians) talk about a work they love from MoMA’s collection