Pottery Reopening Information

Rules for Returning to the Pottery

While you’ve been away we have been updating our policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of our faculty, staff and students. We will keep track of CDC and government COVID-19 guidelines to ensure that we are up to date with best practices. To that end, we need everyone to work together to minimize risk and remain safely open. Many GHP artists are vulnerable and are considered high-risk. In order to respect your studio-mates and allow everyone to make the most of their studio experience, we require that you do your part to take care of our clay family. Below is a summary of the rules we must all abide by at the Pottery.

  • Do not come to the Pottery if you are sick. If you have a temperature of 100.4 or greater, you will not be allowed to enter, you must stay home and not return until you are fever-free for 48 hours.
  • You are required to bring your own mask and wear it at all times. Masks must be worn properly to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Prior to entry you are required to complete a Daily Visitor Health Questionnaire, have your temperature taken at the door, and documented on the log when you enter the building.
  • You must wash/sanitize your hands upon entry into the studio and before accessing highly frequented surfaces such as clay or glaze buckets.
  • Only a limited number of people are allowed in the building at any time.
  • You must socially distance from staff and others that you may encounter while moving through the building.
  • Students cannot bring visitors to the building. This includes friends, children, family and pets.
  • You may only come to the Pottery during your registered time.
  • Non-compliance with GHP rules may result in being asked to leave the building.
  • If you have engaged in high-risk activities, consider getting tested for COVID prior to returning to the studio.
  • If you have traveled outside of the state or country, or if you have been exposed to a friend or family member that has virus symptoms, we require that you refrain from coming to the Pottery and recommended that you follow the CDC guidelines for returning.

If you choose to come back and work within our community, you accept the risk that comes with working in a community studio and using shared materials and tools. In registering for the summer session you acknowledge said risk and will not hold Greenwich House responsible if you become sick.

Pick-Up Information
We are offering curbside firing services, clay sales, and locker pick-up for those who do not feel comfortable re-entering the Pottery. To arrange for this, sign up here.

Beginning July 20 you may sign up for a 2-hour time slot to enter the building to retrieve personal belongings and fired work, as well as clear your class shelves and drop off work to be measured and fired. To schedule your time slot, sign up here.

Winter Term Students: Pick-Up and Glaze Grace Period
Monday, July 27 – Friday, September 4
Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. will be set aside to clear greenware from class shelves (reclaim or have fired) and collect glazeware.

Summer Studio Sessions
Students can register for Summer Studio Sessions available morning, afternoon and evening in 3-hour blocks to have access to a workstation in the studio for independent work. Tuition for each session is $35. (NOTE: only individuals who have previously enrolled in in-person classes at GHP may register for Summer Studio Sessions.) Registration for Summer Studio Sessions will begin at noon on July 15. Please sign up 24 hours in advance to reserve your seat. In order to allow for social distancing, Summer Studio Session attendees must use the Glazing Time calendar to reserve time in the glaze area.

Firing Services, Curbside Pick-up and Lockers
We will continue to offer firing services and clay pick-up curbside for those who do not feel comfortable re-entering the Pottery. If you opt not to come to the Pottery at all during this time, we will offer an additional glaze grace period in the fall and leave lockers intact through the summer. When we reopen in the fall, we will ask registered students to pay the locker rental fee. Non-registered students will be asked to pick up their locker contents at that time. If not possible, items will be bagged for pick-up at a later date.


How are you keeping staff and students safe?
We are asking all staff and students to follow CDC and government guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are requiring that everyone wear masks that covers their noses and mouths while in the Pottery, and limiting the number of people in the building at all times.

Do I have to wear a mask to come to the Pottery?
Yes, you must wear a mask over your nose and mouth the entire time you are at the Pottery, or to participate in curbside pick-up. Anyone not properly wearing a mask will be refused entry. Anyone violating health and safety guidelines in the Pottery will forfeit their appointment time. You are required to bring your own mask with you, due to nationwide shortages, we are not able to sell them at this time.

Do I have to wear gloves to come to the Pottery?
Wearing gloves is by choice. We are not able to sell them at this time, and do not require that you wear gloves at the Pottery. We do require you to sanitize your hands upon entering the building and before accessing any high-use materials in the studio.

What can I expect if I return to the Pottery for a Summer Studio Session?

  • We will limit occupancy to 50%. This means six people per handbuilding studio; five per wheel and slip-casting studios.
  • Studio HEPA air filters and air conditioning will be on continuously throughout the day to ensure air is clean and circulating.
  • A Sanitation Station will be located in each classroom with cleaning products for both staff and student use. Hand sanitizer will be available in or just outside of every studio.
  • All non-employees must exit the building between glazing or pick-up appointments or studio sessions so that staff can sanitize all studios twice per day.
  • Staff from Greenwich House, Inc. will also visit the building throughout the day to sanitize high-traffic surfaces.
  • Measuring will no longer take place face to face. You will bring work to the first floor for drop-off measuring. Firing fees will be debited accordingly and you will be called if your log has insufficient funds. Staff will move greenware to the kiln room for firing.
  • Students may no longer enter the reception or administrative office, nor the kiln or clay mixing rooms. The first floor bathroom will no longer be available for student use.
  • You must always have an appointment to enter the Pottery, even if it is just to pick-up finished work. You will be denied entry if you arrive without an appointment.


Can I fire work that I made at home?
Drop-off firing available by appointment for current and former students until Sept 4. Sign up for an appointment here.
When you drop off your work to be fired, you must include a slip of paper with each piece that has your name, phone number and winter class number on it. After you leave, your work will be measured and the appropriate firing fees will be deducted from your log. If you have insufficient funds we will call you for payment.

Glazing must be completed no later than Sept 28. (Glazing appointments must be scheduled in advance.) Sign up here.

When you come to pick up your fired bisqueware, it will be on you class shelf. If you are not currently enrolled in a class, your bisqueware can be found in the top corner of the bisque shelf nearest the unlabeled shelf.

Allow up to 2 weeks for each firing to be complete.

After September 4, you must be in a class, either on site or in-person, to be able to purchase clay or make use of firing drop-off services. All appointments must be scheduled in advance.

How can I buy clay and other GHP materials?
You can purchase clay, terra sigillata, and slip here.

When can I come to the Pottery?
You may only come to the Pottery if you have scheduled an appointment with us. To book an appointment to enter the Pottery use this calendar. Be sure to book the correct type of appointment for what you need to do at the Pottery. You will only be allowed the type of studio access you have signed up for.

How can I get my locker contents?
There are two ways: You can sign up for curbside pick-up of your locker contents here. A staff member will bag the contents of your locker and have it waiting for you at the front door at your scheduled time. OR from July 20 – September 4 you can sign up here to enter the Pottery to empty your locker contents, clean out your greenware and collect fired work.

Do I have to empty my locker?
No, you do not have to empty your locker yet. If you register for a class in September, you can renew your locker then. If you do not register for a fall term class, you will need to clean out your locker by September 4. If you are not signing up for a fall term class and cannot empty your locker by September 4, contact us at pottery@greenwichhouse.org.

How do I register for Summer Session?
Register for summer session here. You must have taken a class at GHP previously to sign up for summer session.

Sign into your account here.
Forgot your password? Click here.

I deferred my spring tuition. How/when can I use it?
If you deferred you spring tuition you can use it for summer 2020, fall 2020, winter 2021 or spring 2021 terms. Contact our office to use your deferred tuition.

How can I glaze my work from winter term?
Winter term students may reserve a single 3-hour time slot to glaze winter-term bisqueware.

How can I get my greenware from winter term?
From Monday, July 20 to Sunday, July 26, winter term students can sign up for a 2-hour session of time in order to clear greenware from class shelves (reclaim or have fired) and collect glazeware. Due to the high volume of students we are limiting one session per student, no exceptions! Reserve a time slot here.

Do I need to clear out all of my greenware, bisqueware, and glazeware from winter term?
By September 4, you need to clear out your greenware from the class shelves or it will be discarded to allow fall classes to begin.

If you are returning in September, you do not need to clear out your bisqueware and glazeware at this time. If you are not returning in September, you need to clear out your bisqueware and glazeware by September 28.

As always you are encouraged to pick up your glazeware as soon as possible to prevent breakage due to overcrowding.


Why doesn’t the old door code work?
We are carefully monitoring the number of people in the Pottery at all times, so no one will be given the door code. Everyone must schedule an appointment before coming to the Pottery, and must ring the doorbell to gain entry. If you show up when you do not have an appointment, you will be turned away.

Can I bring guests or friends to the Pottery?
No. The Pottery must strictly limit the number of people in the building as a COVID health precaution, so no one will be allowed in the building without a previously scheduled appointment.

Is the gallery open?
The gallery is open by appointment only.

When will in-person classes resume?
We plan to offer in-person classes again in September, but will do so only if CDC and government recommendations allow.