Pottery Reopening Information

Health and Safety Precautions
We will continue updating our policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of our faculty, staff and students. To that end, we need everyone to work together to minimize risk and remain safely open. Many GHP artists are vulnerable and are considered high-risk. In order to respect your studio-mates and allow everyone to make the most of their studio experience, we require that you do your part to take care of our clay family. Below is a summary of the rules we must all abide by at the Pottery.

Mask Mandate
Masking is optional for students vaccinated against COVID-19. Those who are not vaccinated must wear a well-fitting mask while on the Pottery premises.

Entering the Pottery
You must socially distance from staff and others that you may encounter while moving through the building.

Do not come to the Pottery if you are sick. If you have a temperature of 100.4 or greater, you will not be allowed to enter, you must stay home and not return until you are fever-free for 48 hours. If you have engaged in high-risk activities, consider getting tested for COVID prior to returning to the studio. If you have traveled internationally, or if you have been exposed to a friend or family member that has virus symptoms, we require that you refrain from coming to the Pottery and recommend that you follow the CDC guidelines for returning.

Students cannot bring visitors to the building. This includes friends, children, family, and pets.

Non-compliance with GHP rules may result in being asked to leave the building or dismissal from your class.

Please factor studio closures in between classes into your personal clean-up! While we will provide a thirty minute warning when possible, students are expected to be cleaned up and out of the building at their respective exit times so our staff can prepare the space for the next group.

Increased Occupancy
Due to social distancing guidelines, only a limited number of students are allowed in the studios and glazing room at a time unless otherwise noted. Currently studio session occupancy is 9-10 students per room per session. For classes, there will be a total of 9 students in handbuilding, slipcasting, and special topics classes and 10 in wheel.

Online Classes
Online classes will be offered as well as in-person classes. Class times, dates and duration vary and are priced accordingly. Individuals registered in online classes may purchase materials through Greenwich House Pottery.

Drop-Off Measuring
We have implemented a drop-off measuring policy. Students must pay for both bisque and glaze firings at once. Anybody seeking to pay for a single firing must get approval to do so from a liaison or tech. Work can be dropped off on the measuring shelves located in the glaze room.

Your instructor will walk you through how to fill out a firing slip and what to expect when you drop your work off for measuring. If you need a refresher, please consult the sample firing slip located in each classroom or ask a liaison for assistance.

Firing Fees
Students pay $0.03 per cubic inch, per firing and must pay for two firings ahead of time. The minimum firing fee is $1.00.

We highly recommend that all students add firing credit to their log before dropping off work at the measuring station. If you don’t have enough credit on your log upon measuring, you will receive an invoice via email.

You can add firing credit to your log here, or by visiting the liaison office.


The glaze area is limited to 8 students at a time and is only available by appointment through our online calendar system. Both in-person and online students must book an appointment in advance to use the glaze room. You can book yours here.

There is a glaze grace period following each term. Glazing must be completed no later than the end of the second week of the new term. (Glazing appointments must be scheduled in advance.) Sign up here.

Class Time
Class timing will revert to the way it was pre-COVID, with morning classes running from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., night classes running from 6:45 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., and no afternoon classes. To book extra time in the studio, register for studio sessions in the afternoons and weekends. More information on studio sessions is below.

Studio Sessions
In addition to the studio time built in to your class meeting, currently enrolled students can book four-hour studio sessions for $10 per reservation. You can find available studio session appointments here.

As part of a new initiative to make studio time more accessible, we are making Friday evening studio sessions available at $5 per reservation.

Closure Policy

Due to these extraordinary times, in the event that the Pottery must close in accordance with another city-mandated shutdown of Phase 4 operations due to COVID-19, in-person classes will immediately be moved online and the price difference (between in-person vs. online) for remaining classes will be provided as a firing credit or refund. If the course has not yet begun, refunds will be provided in full to students who do not wish to proceed online. Students enrolled in cancelled studio sessions will receive a refund for those sessions. Additional policy details can be found here.