Registration Policies


  • You must register before the first day of class.
  • Once registration opens, you may register for fall, winter, spring classes at any point during the year, as long as the semester has not started yet.
  • Students may register for more than one term at a time.
  • Students may enroll up to two individuals, including themselves.
  • Advanced students are not permitted to enroll in beginner level classes.
  • All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. In special circumstances, payment plans may be arranged. Inquire at the Pottery before submitting your registration.
  • Workshop prices vary. If you wish to receive discounted registration for current students for a workshop, you must register in person.


Greenwich House Pottery has limited funds available for financial aid. Download the financial aid application here.


By registering for a class at Greenwich House Pottery, the student understands and accepts the Pottery’s policies and guidelines, which are outlined here. Greenwich House Pottery reserves the right to exclude from programs and activities anyone who fails to abide by the institution’s rules and practices.

  • Studio Guidelines and all rules of conduct are detailed in the Pottery Handbook, which is also available in the Administration Office.
  • A copy of our Clay and Glaze Handbook is available for purchase for $20 in the Administration Office or you may download the Clay and Glaze Handbook for free.


  • LATE REGISTRATION: Late registration is not permitted for six-week classes. For classes that run more than 6-weeks, registration is permitted up to the second week of class. Registration after the second week of class may be permitted at the discretion of the instructor.  We do not prorate for late registration.
  • REFUNDS: All requests for refunds must be made in writing. Requests must be received by the Administrative Office one week prior to the first day of class to be considered for a full refund. Written requests received less than a week and at least one day prior to the first class will receive a 75 percent refund. Written requests received at least one day prior to the second class will receive a 50 percent refund. After the second day of class no refunds will be issued. Students must call or email the Education Manager to confirm receipt of their written request. All refunds are subject to a $50 administrative fee. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
  • ONE-DAY AND SUMMER WORKSHOP REFUND POLICY: Requests for a refund must be received in writing by the Administrative Office three weeks prior to the first day of the workshop. Full tuition will be refunded minus a $50 administrative fee. No refunds will be given after that date.
  • TRANSFERS: Students enrolled in classes are permitted to transfer to a class within the same term up to the second week of class provided there is an available seat. Six-Week Classes: Transfers for six-week classes are permitted  to another six-week class prior to the second class and are subject to instructor approval provided there is an available seat in the class. Transfers must be made within the same six-week section. If all classes in the current session are full, transfers are not permitted. Any transfers to alternate terms or sections are subject to refund and registration policies.
  • MAKE-UP CLASSES: The Pottery will make every effort to provide make-up classes for those missed due to emergency closings, however is not responsible for issuing reimbursements or providing make-up classes for those missed due to illnesses, substitute teachers, or other events beyond our control. Alternate make-up classes are not permitted. We do not prorate for missed classes.
  • CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Classes with inadequate enrollment will be cancelled. Registered students will be notified as soon as possible and given the opportunity to transfer to another class. In the event that an alternative class can not be chosen a refund will be issued.  Refunds will include the total cost of tuition.
  • RETURNED CHECKS: Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be charged a $50 fee; no future checks will be accepted.
  • LOCKERS: Lockers are available for students to rent while they are attending classes. Locker rentals are arranged in person only.
    1) All locker renewal fees must be paid by the last day of the term if you plan to continue to use a locker for the following term.
    2) All unpaid lockers will be emptied at the end of each term.
    3) Unclaimed items will be discarded at the end of the second week of the new term. (However, due to a major summer studio clean out there is no grace period for items left behind after the summer term ends).
    4) All lockers must be emptied by the end of the summer term. No items can be stored in the studio between summer and fall terms.
  • The Pottery is not liable for damage or loss of ceramic work or personal property.
  • All programs are subject to change or cancellation.
  • The student agrees, at all times, to indemnify, protect and save harmless Greenwich House, Inc., and Greenwich House Pottery (collectively, “Greenwich House”) from and against any and all losses, damages, suits, claims, demands, costs, and charges that Greenwich House may directly or indirectly suffer, sustain or be subjected to, by, or on account of (i) the student’s entry upon, occupancy, or use of the Pottery facility; or (ii) the student’s conduct in the Pottery facility – whether such losses or damages are sustained by Greenwich House directly, or by other persons or entities (including employees of Greenwich House or any corporations), who may seek to hold Greenwich House liable. This indemnification shall not apply to instances attributable to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Greenwich House.
  • Greenwich House is committed to fostering cultural diversity and has a non-discrimination policy that provides equal opportunity for all members of the community.


Receive firing credits when you register:

 “The Devotee”: Sign up for two 12-week classes in one term and receive a $50
firing credit.

“The Regular”: Sign up for Fall, Winter and Spring 12-week classes or any three 12-week classes all at once and receive a $100 firing credit.

“Refer a Friend”: Returning students who get a friend (who has not previously taken classes at the pottery) to sign up for a class will receive a $50 firing credit. Plus, you friend will receive a $25 firing credit.



Firing fees are calculated at 6 cents per cubic inch, which includes both bisque and glaze firings. There is a $1 minimum firing charge on all pieces, including single fired work (such as stacked greenware) or 3 cents for single firing. GHP offers incremental discounts for individual pieces that cost over $10 to fire.

• For pieces over $10: 10% discount of the amount in excess of $10.
• For pieces over $50: 25% discount of the amount in excess of $10.
• For pieces over $100: 35% discount of the amount in excess of $50.