Student Handbook

Greenwich House Pottery
Student Information & Guidelines

This information is provided to remind returning students and to acquaint new students with Greenwich House Pottery’s (GHP) guidelines. We encourage each student to become familiar with this information to ensure that things run safely and smoothly in the studios, so we can provide you with the best experience possible. This information does not replace a studio tour.

GHP’s primary focus is education in the ceramic arts. Adult classes provide instruction on making pottery, sculpture, mold making, surface treatments, and history.

To complement these programs, the Pottery hosts lectures and demonstrations throughout the year. GHP supports the arts community and individual artists through its public exhibitions and residency program. The Jane Hartsook Gallery provides a venue for contemporary ceramic artists. Today it is the only non-profit venue in New York City devoted exclusively to exhibiting contemporary ceramics.

The Resident Artist and Summer Intern Programs have been developed to assist artists at various stages of their careers with the development of functional, sculptural, or mixed-media ceramic work and to help them develop a working knowledge of community-based art centers.

Our Studios
• Information about the studio and its activities will be listed in Pottery Notes, posted on the Message Center and on this website, and will be read during class by your instructor.
• Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay current on our studio and activities.
• In case of emergency, exit out the front of the building.
• First Aid kits are located in the 1st floor bathroom, 1st floor glaze room, 2nd floor wheel bathroom, and each of the 3rd floor studios.
• Cell phones are not permitted in the building or garden except for emergencies. Please respect our community.
• GHP and its garden are SMOKE FREE.
• Bathrooms are on the 1st floor in the kiln room and in each room on the 2nd floor.
• You may only attend the class for which you are registered. Under no circumstance may you attend another class.
• Do not handle or touch the work of others.
• If you damage another’s work, leave a note.
• No storing personal possessions on class shelves, or under lockers.
• GHP is not responsible for the loss or damage of work or personal property.
• Locker rentals are $5 per term for currently enrolled students. Limit one per student.
• If a locker is not renewed at the end of term it will be emptied and reassigned.
• Lock personal items in your locker.
• No student is permitted to remain in the building after closing.

Studio Staff & Liaisons
• All administrative questions or concerns should be directed to a Liaison.
• Report studio issues to the Studio Technicians.
• With questions regarding firings, clay or about any general studio concerns speak with the Studio Manager or Studio Technicians.
• Firing issues should be directed to the Studio Manager.
• On class days, the Reception Office will be open at a minimum from 9:30-11:00 a.m and 6:30-7:00 p.m. so that students can purchase tools, clay or peruse the library.
Library books may be checked out by any currently enrolled student for a period of two weeks.
• We encourage you to register online; however, Liaisons can register you in person in the Reception Office.

Clay & Glaze
• Clay in the barrels is free to use, however, it is not to be removed from GHP.
• Porcelain can be purchased from the Liaison Office for $25 per 25 lbs.
• Recycling buckets are provided for each clay body. Be careful not to mix clays or add foreign materials to the clay or to the bucket.
• Break up clay to reclaim before it dries out.
• When putting clay back into the bucket mash it down to keep it from drying out.
• No outside clay or glaze is allowed. Any exceptions must have prior approval from the Studio Manager.
• Glazes are food-safe unless otherwise noted.
• Unglazed washes & slips are not food safe.
• Always leave lids on clay and glaze buckets to avoid drying out and contamination.
• Do not thin glazes. Ask Studio Technicians for assistance if you have questions about glaze consistency.

Firings & Procedures
• Firing fees are $0.03 for a single firing, $0.06 for a double firing, per cubic inch. The minimum firing fee is $1.00.
• GHP is not a production studio and cannot accommodate large volumes of work due to limited materials, shelf space, and kiln space.
• ALWAYS bisque fire prior to glaze firing.
• Place all work on appropriate shelves in kiln room.
• Low fire clay should NEVER be high fired.
• Do not glaze the bottom of work.
• Do not use stilts in Cone 10 firings.
• Missing work? Check the Hospital Shelf.
• Pieces placed on the firing shelves without an accurate firing slip will be put on the Hospital Shelf.
• Do not let work pile up on greenware or bisque shelves, keep it moving: bisque dry work; glaze bisque work; take home glazed work.
• Work is measured during measuring times ONLY and must be measured and paid for with a Student Liaison prior to firing.
• GHP is not responsible for lost firing slips.
• All work must be accompanied by a firing slip. For greenware, also, use a class ID chip.
• Requests for firing credit should be placed on the shelf behind the spray booth with a completed firing credit request form.
• GHP does not issue firing credit for undesired or inconsistent firing results, kiln accidents, or work that is lost or damaged. Firing credit is given at the discretion of the Studio Manager for work that is damaged as the result of mishandling by the staff.
• Unclaimed work on the finished glaze shelves, the unclaimed bisque shelves, or hospital shelves are subject to discard after 4 weeks.

• Leave the studio cleaner than you found it.
• Classes and open studio participants are responsible for leaving studios clean at the end of their session.
• Minimize dust: always clean up with a wet sponge.
• Rinse out sponges when done using them.
• Wipe down sink when finished cleaning.
• Tables, bats, ware boards, and banding wheels should be cleaned and put away.
• Potter’s wheels should be cleaned, shut off and splash pans washed and returned to wheel.
• Do not store work on bats. Use ware boards.
• Faculty members and studio staff may delegate clean-up responsibilities to ensure complete clean up of the studios.
• Clean up spills as they happen.
• Clean up, put your work away, and leave the building by the end of open studio or closing time.
• Work left on the tables or counters will be discarded.
• All personal items, clothing and shoes, must be taken home during inter-term breaks unless they are stored in a paid locker.

Open Studio
• Open Studio is ONLY available to currently enrolled students, on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Observe studio hours. Clean up before leaving.
• Do not show up early or leave late.
• Open Studio hours are posted on the website and in all studios.
• No tables or wheels can be saved or placed on hold.
• No children, friends, or pets allowed.
• Be courteous.
• Keep conversations quiet.
• When the studio is busy please keep yourself to a 3-hour limit.
• During Open Studio hours students may use wheel or handbuilding studios, though priority goes to students in the studio that corresponds to their class registration.
• Open Studio time may be canceled for GHP functions or events.
• Glaze area has set Open Studio hours.

Studio Safety
• No sanding or scraping dry clay or glaze in the studio. Always use the spray booth.
• Never place anything on kiln lids.
• Do not use the spray booth, slab roller, or extruder without an orientation from a teacher or staff member.
• Students should not use the clay hoist, clay mixers, grinders or dremels.
• No sharp objects or detachable blades such as X-ACTOs, razor blades, homemade pin tools, thumbtacks, needles, glass shards.
• For your safety and the safety of those around you we require faculty, staff and students to wear shoes while in the studio.

Make-ups & Closings
• During weather emergencies, GHP closes in accordance with the NYC public school system, as broadcast on the radio and local TV news.
• Emergency closures are announced via email and can be retrieved on the phone system at
212-242-4106 ext. 5.
• GHP is not responsible for providing makeup classes or issuing refunds for programs or classes changed or missed due to illness, emergency, weather closings, substitute teachers, or other events beyond our control.
• There are no prorates given for late registration or missed classes.

Students are expected to abide by studio rules and to comport themselves in a courteous and polite manner at all times. Greenwich House Pottery reserves the right to exclude from its programs and activities anyone who fails to do so.

Download a copy of the Student Handbook here.