Private Events/Parties


Host private events & parties with Greenwich House YCC!

Celebrate your milestones and moments with us at 27 Barrow. We have a wide variety of available enrichment activities that can be tailored to the interests, age, and needs of your special day. Two of our experienced teachers will be leading children through the following schedule:

  • 15 minutes of settle-in time and icebreakers
  • 60 minutes for an enrichment activity of your choosing. Options include:
    • Woodworking, Painting, Printmaking, Origami, or Architecture
    • Fashion & Design, Yoga, or Arts & Crafts
    • Laser Tag, Dodgeball, and more
    • Science, Engineering, or Arts & Crafts
    • Sewing and Embroidery
    • 45 minutes for food and meal related speeches, birthday wishes, ect.
  • 60 min of either indoor or outdoor play located on our roof or in our gym. During this time, our specialists will organize two games of your choosing for members of the party.

Details of our celebration offering are open to change. Contact our team with any details so we can set up the event of your dreams! We have four spacious rooms, a team with various skill sets, and fantastic imagination to help design a spectacular event.

  • Games include: Gaga, The Floor is Lava, Dodgeball, Tag, Freeze Tag, Musical Chairs, Basketball, Laser Tag, Flag Tag, Steal the Bacon, Kickball, Museum, Limbo, Musical Hula Hoops and more.

* The specific times are subject to change depending on time of day and activity; however, this shows the general outline of each party.

Starting Rate

The starting rate for all parties/events is $1,200 for 8-10 children.

  • Price for parties with over 10 children will be $40 per child.
  • Custom event T’s to commemorate your event with YCC available for $30.

To set a date and choose your activities, please email:

In your email, please specify

  • Date of party and preferred time
    • Three weeks advanced notice is necessary for all parties
    • Event Space available Saturday or Sunday after 1pm
  • Any food allergies

We look forward to scheduling and celebrating!

Movie Night

Starting October, 2022. Movie Night will take place from 6 – 8pm; join us for a movie, pizza, popcorn. Movie Nights are an opportunity for groups of friends to spend quality time together, allows parents to have a carefree night on the town, and is a low pressure way for children to make new friends.