Financial Aid

Financial Aid

• Financial aid and payment plans are available. Financial aid is given based on need and distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Families applying for financial aid should download and submit an aid application before registering. Families interested in payment plans should contact Omar Amores (212-242-4140 ext. 263), Director of Greenwich House Youth Community Center, before registering.


• Sibling: Receive a 10% sibling discount for each additional child when signing up more than one family member.

• The Regular: Register for Fall, Winter and Spring 12-week classes, or any three 12-week classes all at once and receive two $75 walkover credits.
• The Devotee: Register for two 12-week classes in one term and receive one $75 walkover credit.
• The Enthusiast: Register for three 12-week classes in one term and receive two $75 walkover credits and one $75 extended day credit.

• Refer a Friend: Returning students who refer a friend (who has not previously taken classes at After-School) to sign up for a 12-week class and receive a 10% discount. Plus, your friend will receive a 5% discount.